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No need to buy Viagra - watermelon is enough ;)

Watermelon 'has same effect as Viagra'

Eating watermelon has a similar effect on the body to Viagra, according to researchers in the US.
It's down to a chemical called citrulline which is found in the juicy fruit.
Citrulline is an organic compound which affects the body's blood vessels in the same way as the sex enhancement pills.
It helps relax the blood vessels which means blood gets around the body more easily.
The research comes from the US' Texas Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Centre.

BBC News

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Say goodbye to the computer mouse?

It's nearly 40 years old but one leading research company says the days of the computer mouse are numbered.

A Gartner analyst predicts the demise of the computer mouse in the next three to five years.

Taking over will be so called gestural computer mechanisms like touch screens and facial recognition devices.

"The mouse works fine in the desktop environment but for home entertainment or working on a notebook it's over," declared analyst Steve Prentice.

BBC News

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Adolph Anderssen - (1818-1879) Wroclaw's citizen and the best chess player of the second half of XIXth century

the source of the picture: Wiki

Wrocław has commemorated his name by organising a chess tournament.

Anderssen's grave in Wrocław - young chess players brought flowers
photo copied from http://www.anderssen.dzszach.pl/

Additionally there were many attractions for the tourists:
1) one could play park chess in Wrocław's Rynek
2) one could try matching young champions in simultaneous games [ I am proud to announce that I managed to win but the chances were not equal as young champs had to play several games at the same time ]
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Pharmaceutical brands fail to react to patient websites and blogs

by Alison Donnelly Marketing 26-Jun-08, 12:14

LONDON - Healthcare and pharmaceutical brands are failing to embrace digital promotion and marketing despite the rising popularity of patient websites set up by people outside the industry according to findings from a Millward Brown survey.

The report, which surveyed GPs throughout the UK, highlighted that healthcare and pharmaceutical brands were failing to react to the growing numbers of user-generated  websites, many of which reported negatively on patient care and prescription drugs.

The poor exploitation of  digital marketing in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors came, the report showed, despite the findings that GPs are receptive to engaging online as they spend more time in the day working online, turning to blogs, social networking sites and websites for information and advice.


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Cinnamon Hostel Poznan - there are good things in PL!

Imagine you need to arrive at the city where two big events are held simultaniously. No wonder you have problems with finding a place to stay. But if you're THE LUCKy ONE ;) there will be just one bed for your first night in CINNAMON HOSTEL.

And when you arrive there you will be surprised as the place is located very centrally, its cosy and last but not least you will meet a lot of nice people there, the staff inclusive :)

But the best thing is that you can really rely on CINNAMON HOSTEL's folks even if get in trouble. Which happened to me as the bus at 1:30 am didn't arrive so I was in the middle of the city with no place to stay. But hostel's staff was so hospitable that they allowed me to sleep on the couch for a couple of hours untill I have a morning train. Moreover I was allowed to bring a German tourist who was very sad as he aslo could not find the place to stay. He was given some tea and found some great company to talk till the dawn. I am sure that his impressions of Poland are going to be much better thanks to CINNAMON HOSTEL.

email: poznanATcinnamonhostel.com